Crushed ; From Peru
Sold in bags of approx 30 grams.
Reference : EPASAC
Price : 6,50 Euros

Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens)

Palo Santo (or holy stick) is an oily aromatic wood whose scent is marvellous and unique. Describing this scent is difficult, but it may bring to mind aniseed, cinnamon or rose.

The effect of Palo Santo is to create a purified and pacified mood, but moreover, to bring a paradisiac or heavenly sense to the atmosphere. It is also forest-friendly, pet-friendly, a natural insect repellant and a play stimulant for cats.

When pieces of Palo Santo are placed on burning charcoal, one can see the oil coming out under the effect of the heat. Then, when this oil burns, a rich column of smoke elevates like a prayer of praise, and fills the room with this sacred scent.

This is a moment we love, and this incense is one of the best we have come to know.

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