Sold in packets of 45 grams

Small pieces and powder
Reference : ELEMIP
Price : 4,50 Euros


Elemi (Canarium luzonicum) is a tree which can reach 40 to 50 meters in height and which grows in the Philippines. It is "sempervirent”, meaning it is always green and in flower.

From its oily resin, an essential oil is produced and, in much smaller amounts, an aromatic resinoid and a resin. The oil is used for its properties as an antiseptic, healer, tonic and expectorant - in its pure state or with other ingredients.

The resin is used in the fabrication of varnishes, particularly those for the makers of stringed instruments, as it gives a plasticity to varnishes which are too hard.

The resinoid which we are offering, a form less distilled than oil, contains a large spectrum of scents. From a very fresh base, lemony and terpiny, it develops peppery and resinous notes in a very harmonious ensemble.

A very small amount placed on charcoal is sufficiant to clear and equalize the air and refine the senses. The diffusion of terpineol and limonene makes Elemi a choice air purifier. It combines well with other purifying incenses.

Origin: Malaysia

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