Sold in packets of 50 grams
Reference : EOLISOU
Price : 2,70 Euros

This incense, Frankincense or Olibanum spread across Europe by The Crusaders, takes its name frome the Arabic "al-lubban", which can be translated as "that which flows like milk". It is obtained from incisions made in Boswellia trees (Boswellia Sacra or Boswellia Carteri), from which ooze drops of resin, ranging from whitish to yellow.
These drops solidify rapidly when they come into contact with the air.

The tree in question is of the genre Boswellia, which is the same genre as that of Palo Santo (see our section of "Peruvian Incense"). It is of the family Burseraceae, the same family as Copal. The principal producers of this resin are The United Arab Emirates, Yemen and, above all, Sudan.

The more stressful the conditions under which these trees grow, the stronger the medicinal properties and aromatic qualities of the resin.
The resin which we offer comes from India, and only the trees meeting the above criteria are harvested.

Of all the resin incenses used in churches, this is the finest, bringing forth a subtly sugary odor and very rich in the area of lemony scents.

The use of this incense immediately brings a feeling of contemplation or meditation, serenity and inspiration. It is particularly well-adapted, alone or in a mixture, to creating a devotional atmosphere.

Origin: Soudan

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