Diameter of perls : 9 mm
Complete length : 98 cm
Strung on a braid of yellow and red filaments
Reference : CCAI09001

Coral Mala

Coral is a marine organism, actually a symbiosis of microscopic animals (polyps) and algaes (zooxanteles). The colony is formed by constructing a skeleton at a speed which varies according to the species, sometimes very slowly.

Only certain species fournish a useable material. The color varies and is most often soft rose to deep red, containing more or less brown, and can sometimes, very rarely, approach black.

Coral is among the five sacred stones of Tibetans and American Indians. It represents the energy of the vital force, and is linked to the redtiglé. This stone is associated with Amitayus, and is particularly beneficial for long-life practices.

In particular, dark red coral is said to warm and stimulate blood circulation.

The perls of this mala are in genuine and authentic coral, but all have been tinted to obtain this strong red color.

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