Artist: Waël STEPHAN
date of creation : July, 2004
Height : 21 cm
Width : 8.5 cm
Diameter (bell) : 8.5 cm
Reference : OTIG01001

Tigle Offering

This statue of offering represents a tigle, the "small a" of Milarepa, where the ardent flames of unconditional devotion shoot up.

The first casting of this statue,
in gold, was offered to Bokar Rimpoche,
one month before his parinirvana.
This is the first piece produced by Mérite & Patience.

It was realised as a result of a breath of inspiration from Lama Thargyel during a transmission.
A letter from my wife and me, accompanied this offering, asking Rimpoche to give us refuge and bless our activity.

We thank Lama Namgyal for having had the patience to help us establish this connection.

It was Lama Thargyel who took this offering to Bokar Rimpoche, when he led the future retreat candidates to receive the intitiations by the holder of the lineage.

Rimpoche read our letter, accepted our offering, and placed it, to our great joy, on his personal altar. It should still be there, in Mirik.

May our activity carry this blessing, from beginning to end.

The meaning of this offering, when placed on one's altar, is to dedicate all activity, all energy, all the blazing warmth to perfect awakening, to the teacher who manifests in all situations.

This statue which we propose to those who are inspired by its meaning, is the matrix in brass, from which the master mould was cast. The casting left a bronze colour on the brass, which we prefered to keep.

The back of the statue is hollow and one can place relics there and fill in the hollow with resin.
Mérite & Patience can place your relics there on demand.

This statue can be made in silver or gilded silver, as well.

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