Cedar Deodara - India :: Incense woods and herbs

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Cedar Deodara - India

Sold in packs of 40 grams

Reference : EDEO2
price : 3,70 €

The latin name of this cedar is derived from the Sanskrit, "devadara", which means "tree of the gods". It has therefore been venerated for its majesty. It is found in Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Tibet.

The one that we are presenting here distinguishes itself by the discreteness and subtlity of its perfume which is nevertheless rich.

It gives off a resinous odor, slightly lemony when rubbed. When burned on charcoal, it emits an harmonious mulitude of notes, very homogenous and full of finesse.

It proves to be an excellent base for mixtures, its relative neutrality of homogeneity marries well with a large number of ingredients. Most of all, it acts as a developper for other scents.

We offer this wood in pieces because in this way the resin is best preserved.
For best use, one must first break up the pieces with a hammer, then pass them through a clean coffee grinder. If you would prefer that we break up the pieces for you, please let us know when ordering.

It is said that this incense attracts positive energies and dissipates negative ones.

Origin : India
Cedar Deodara - India :: Incense woods and herbs
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