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Cedar Decurrens - USA


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The leaves originate from a tree sometimes known as Calocedrus decurrens, sometimes Heyderia decurrens or Libocedrus decurrens. This tree is most often used to make pencils, its wood being soft and remarkably regular. Contrary to what its name implies, it is closer to thuja than cedar, most particularly because of its leaves.

Once burned, the leaves give off a woody odour, characteristically masculine and possessing finesse. It is like walking through a mountain, a pinewood, or a coniferous forest. Its subtle perfume can be reminiscent of sage or juniper leaves, yet with not as heady a character as the latter.

Burned after sage and sweet grass in Indian prayer ceremonies. It is often used in the Sweat Lodge ceremonies, where it is thrown on the hot stones. Prayers are said to rise on the Cedar smoke and are carried to the Creator. The smoke is used for attracting good spirits and eliminating negative energies. The smoke is used as a bridge between Heaven and Earth. The fragrance is entrancing, and is calming and uplifting.

This cedar has been bought from a Sioux family with whom we built excellent relationships.

Origin : USA

Cedar Decurrens - USA :: Incense woods and herbs
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