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In the end, we are but the different currents that come through us, aren't we ? Our individual envelope, illusory and temporary, is only there to contain our persons.

In truth, we do not create anything. It is the creation which is made in us, recombining the elements of our life and our perceptions, which touch us more or less profoundly.

It is probably in sleep that this recombination operates. For me, I often resolve problems of technique in this manner, going to sleep rather than working. It doesn't always work, but on waking, whatever seemed complicated or impossible doesn't anymore.

So the creations presented on our site are free from copyright, you are free to be inspired by our creations, or even to copy them, we would be honoured and flattered. You may also help yourself to our photos, for non-commercial usage, on the condition of citing the source (our site), and without prior notification. For commercial use of our photos, we are not against it, so long as you have the courtesy of notifing us in advance. If you prosper due to the use of one of our photographs, we will be happy.

Outraged by the rigidity of our world in connection to modern marketing practices, the artisans of Mérite & Patience wish to restore to commerce the nobility, the generosity and the diginity it once had.
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