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Tibetan Bodhi Seed Mala

Diameter of seeds : 12 mm approx
Thickness of seeds : 9 mm approx
Total length: 107 cm

Reference : CMTIB002

This Bodhi seed mala is an ancient Tibetan mala which was used by at least one person, perhaps more, for their regular and devoted practice. It was acquired by a friend from a very old Tibetan woman on his travels.

It was under the shadow of a Bodhi tree (bodhi = illumination), also known as Ficus Religiosa, that the Buddha Gautama Siddharta attained enlightenment.
It is, therefore, for Buddhists, a sacred tree, full of meaning and veneration.
This same tree still exists, juxtaposing the temple of the Mahabodhi to Bodh-Gaya.

According to an ancient tantric text, a Bodhi seed mala is infinitely beneficial for all forms of practice, whether they be peaceful, expanding, strengthening or wrathful and can be used to achieve all dharma.
As it permits the practice of all divinities of the vajrayana, these malas are much sought after by practicants.

For those wishing to enter into direct contact with the benedictions of practice which this mala carries, we have left it as it is, without even cleaning it. The seeds are very oily from being impregnated year after year with yak butter.
For the practices of a retreat, it is specified to never wash any ritual objects which have been used for the same practice, even one' own’s body, because every particle carries the benediction of the practice.
This mala carries the blessings of long years of practice.

Tibetan Bodhi Seed Mala :: ARCHIVES
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