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Natural Magnetite Mala

Diameter of beads: 8 mm
Total length : 89 cm
Strung on a braid of black filaments

Reference : CMAG08001

Magnetite, or Lodestone, is a ferrous oxide (Fe304), just like hematite (Fe203), which it resembles. It is classed in the group of spinels.

In nature, it is found either in crystallized form, which is not very magnetic, or in shapeless matter, and this is the most magnetic matter found in the mineral world.

This is a stone which holds a particular place in lithotherapy. Containing more iron than hematite, its connection to blood is much stronger and it has a direct link to telluric forces.

Its magnetism is able to induce energetic circulation in an organisim which, in some cases, can cause spectacular improvements, even a complete healing. Numerous examples of people whose knees are completely worn out can again ride a bicycle or "tennis elbows" which have been cured are illustrations of the effect of this stone.

It is a true analgesic : intense pain, such as that caused by a hernia or sciatica can be relieved to the point of being tolerable or can even completely disappear.

It intensifies the power of other stones, but this quality must be used in moderation, as secondary or undesirable effects may be felt.

These qualities make this mala an aide indicated for the practice of protectors, fire yoga (gtummo), as well as for all practice related to intensification or to magnetisation.

Certain areas of the forehead contain traces of magentite, such as the placement of "the third eye" or under the eyebrows. Biologists believe that these traces may function as naturals compasses, like those of migratory birds.
They can be stimulated by magnetic objects.

These beads have been cut from a mineral from the Himalayas (Nepal), and have a magnetism so strong that each is magnetically attracted to the other. When one practices with this mala, there is a clinking, an unusual sensation, as one passes from bead to bead.


Persons wearing a pacemaker should never use, wear or come into contact with this magnetite, due to serious health risks.

We are not specialists of crystal therapy, and in the case of magnetite, we strongly advise you to consulate a specialist. This particularly applies to those who have metalic prostheses and/or a large number of lead dental fillings.
Natural Magnetite Mala :: ARCHIVES
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