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Lapis Lazuli Mala with Dzi

Stones : 8 mm in diameter
Total length : 87 cm
Strung on a braid of blue filaments.

Reference : CLAP08DZI01

Lapis has, for millenia and because of its deep blue colour, been the symbol of royalty and wisdom.

As all stones of this colour, it is said to ward off the "evil eye".

It is also said to be beneficial to the sick and foresaken : It attracts sympathy and revives courage and hope.
It soothes the spirit, helps inner and outer healing, and encourages sleep.

In Tibetan Buddhism, it is associated with The Medicine Buddha, Sangye Menla, and the interior ornaments of Guru Rinpoche are the colour of Lapis Lazuli.

It is one of the most sought after stones
and the most recommended for the practice of Mantras.

These stones are natural. They have been selected for their deep blue color and their light stripes of white calcite, and some of these perls have inclusions of pyrite (gold-coloured metal).

For the head stone of this mala, we have used a Tibetan Dzi, a single eyed Dzi, with, on the other side, a triangle that symbolizes a mountain. Dzis are stones reputed to have magical and protective properties and their origins remain surrounded in mystery.

You can find more information on single eyed Dzis on this page.
Lapis Lazuli Mala with Dzi :: ARCHIVES
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