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Rock Crystal Mala

Stones: 6 mm in diameter
Total length: 66 cm
Strung on a braid of five colors

Reference : CCRIS06001

Quartz, in general,
is known to be at the same time
a receptor, an amplifier and a transmitter
of strong and pure energy.

The cristal of this mala
is of a great quality because it is very pure,
and it is particularly indicated for the practice
of peacefull deities, such as Tchenrezig.

The inside of the beads have been polished
in order for the five colored-braid to be visible
through them.

The five colored-braid,
long and difficult to make,
holds a peculiar symbolism in buddhism,
and is connected to the principles of the five Dhyanis Buddhas.
This braid makes the mala appropriate to all the vajrayana pratices.

Here is, in short, the meaning of the five colors :

Yellow : Earth element, transformation of pride into the richness aspect of wisdom.

White : Water element, transformation of anger into the crystalline miror aspect of wisdom.

Red : Fire element, transformation of passion into the compassion aspect of wisdom.

Green : Wind element, transformation of envy into the active aspect of wisdom.

Blue : Space or Sky element, transformation of ignorance into the all-pervading openess aspect of wisdom.

These stones are natural.

Rock Crystal Mala :: ARCHIVES
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