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Agarwood Mala

Diameter of beads : 8 mm
Full length : 87 cm
Strung on yellow and green filaments

Reference : CBAGA0002

Agarwood, or Aloeswood, is a very particular resinous wood of the genre Aquilarias from the forests of Southeast Asia. These trees, once infected by a certain fungus or bacteria, respond with a defense mechanism which produces a resin in response to the infestation. This resin is very odoriferous and has many other properties, as well.

This resin is rich in very complex molecules and is attributed with the virtues of healing stomachaches, cardio-vascular problems, neuropathies, nausea and asthma.

The perfume of this wood is as delicate as that of sandalwood, but if one compares it to sandalwood, one would say that sandalwood is a feminine scent whereas agarwood is masculine. It has an aspect which is more imposing and corpulent.

Its fragrance is profound and sophisticated, rich, earthy and sweet but nevertheless lively, woody and balsamic. It has a notable influence on the mind, is relaxing, easily induces a meditative and contemplative state and aides in concentration. It is said that the Lord Buddha likened this wood to "the scent of Nirvana".

In Japan, it is known as Jinko. It is considered central in the art of insense and a rich and complete tradition is associated with it. Some catagories of agarwood have sold there for the price of gold...

This mala will conserve its odor for a number of years, even decades. However, we advise you to keep it in a pouch or box in order to prolong even more the life of its scent.

The beads in this mala have been selected for their strong colour. It is the darker wood which generally has the strongest scent. Since the Aloeswood is a wood which is infected, it is impossible, when cutting the beads, to obtain an unblemished surface. This is why some of the beads have slight imperfections.
Agarwood Mala :: ARCHIVES
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