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Pocket Mala in Hemalite

Stones: 4 mm in diameter
Total length: 46 cm
Strung on a braid of black and grey filaments

Reference : CHML04003

Strongly connected to blood and the magnetism of iron, of which it is composed, this stone is vitalising and dynamic.

Exremely useful for those who are hyper-tense and drained by anger, it rapidly establishes equilibrium and aids in meditation.

Sometimes, in situations where we would need it, we do not dare and practice mantras innerly, even if we know these mantras would help.

This mala is so small that one can keep it in the pocket while using it. It will provide us with a basis, in the worst of cases, a basis that will help us to practice discreetly but very firmly.
Mantras are powerful and are a wonderful mean to tame our mind, even and moreso in the worst of circumstances, like for example a rather tense office meeting.
If we can bring our own mind to calm down and be firmly placed in a favorable state, then it can’t but have an effect on others, sometimes in a surprising way.

These stones are synthetic, but one should note that synthetic hematite has a different effectiveness than natural, due to the regularity of the stones' magnetism.
However, the top bead, or guru bead, which is in a pear shape, is in natural hematite.
Pocket Mala in Hemalite :: ARCHIVES
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