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One-Stripe Ancient Dzi

Length : 1,5 cm
Diameter (at the center) : 1,1 cm

Reference : DZIA002

This Dzi has a unique stroke in its middle, and has the perfect dimension and shape to fit at the top of a mala.

Dzis with an unique stroke have inner healing properties (not medicinal). These Dzis require from their owner the right kind of mindfullness that will naturally heal any inner wound, and thus theses onestroke Dzi teach rightfull mindfullness, which brings about many other qualities, such as inner health, or the ability to manage one’s affairs well, and the ability to transform adverse sitautions into beneficial ones.
Because of these facts, single-stroked Dzis do symbolize a good comfortable life, and the fulfillment of all wishes.

This Dzi is an ancient one, and dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century. It has been acquired, through a friend, from a Nepalese who lives in Thaïland.
However, it is possible that this Dzi may be much older, due to the reddish dots visible on its surface. These dots may be cinnabar dots, which are usually the sign that the piece is very very old.

You can buy this Dzi, and mount it yourself on the top of your mala, or you can ask us to make a mala for you with it, with the stones of your choice.
One-Stripe Ancient Dzi :: ARCHIVES
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