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Phantom Citrine Quartz Crystal

Dimensions: 76 mm x 45 mm x 33 mm
Weight: 165 grams

Reference : OCCT01001

This crystal, a rarity, gives an idea of the fantastic qualities of quartz. Its proportions give it an air of a standing stone or ancient monothith, as an excellent presence.
It has an exceptional purity, and does not present even a hint of a flaw, frost or opaqueness.

Set on your altar, its regular formation and fine crystallisation create a play of colours and forms when the sun's rays pass through it; a magnificent offering of light.

It has a particularity; its small design replicates exactly the form of crystal, which is repeated four times in its interior, like shadows, which we call phantoms. The phantoms are a sign of a stop in the growth of the crystal, at a certain epoch, then its recommencing. The formation of this crystal, which takes millions of years, has then been completed in five steps..

It can symbolise the purity of the mind's nature, as well as its strength of transformation, but it is also a symbol of the link between this life and past lives. It is said to have the power to help in remembering past lives, and is sometimes used to this end.

Whereas most of the citrine on the market is actually heated amethyst, this is natural citrine. This stone has been polished, but the raw form has been respected.
Phantom Citrine Quartz Crystal :: ARCHIVES
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