Silver 925/1000 : 12 g
Rubis : 0,50 carats
Yellow Diamond : 0,15 carats
Reference : PENDRDJ
Price : 325,00 Euros

Padlock Pendent Rubis and Yellow Diamond

A padlock .... to lock whom ??? or what ??

No one, and nothing, of course. But just as some soft words are not to be shouted out loud, some beauties are to be kept secret.

The ruby has been mounted up side down, because in this way it displayed a stronger red, a stronger passion. Whereas for the yellow diamond, I found it in between a batch of brown diamonds, it was there alone, forgotten by those who sorted out the diamonds before me.

Sometimes showing themselves, sometimes hiding, opals seem to be playing as behind a harem’s curtain.

Some more, in French, about this pendent on this page.

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