Reference : BRARUD10
Price : 20,00 Euros

Very long mala in Rudraksha seeds on a bread of vey solid threads.

The term Rudraksha literally means the « Eyes of Shiva » and is therefore named in his benevolence. Shiva Puran describes the origin of Rudraksha from Lord's Shiva tears. He had been meditating for many years for the welfare of all creatures. On pening the eyes, hot drop of tears rolled down and the mother eearth gave birth to Rudraksha trees.

The seeds of this mala have five faces : (5 Mukhi Rudraksha). The 5 faes seeds controls five elements : Fire, Air, Eau, Space, Earth.

This Rudraksha provides to the wearer 5 Mukhi Rudraksha intelligence, strength, buisness, money, devotion, beauty smell, touch , words, devotion and keeps him always on the path of truth and make him wealthy.

These seed are reel seeds (yes, there is numerous imitation of rudraksha!!).

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