Sold in packets of 45 grams
Reference : EGUGU
Price : 5,60 Euros


Gugul is a resin extract from commiphora mukul, a schrub with thorny branches which grows in the arid lands of Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.
This resin has important medicinal properties because it reduces the amount of fat in the blood and is often used in Ayur Vedic medicine.

As an incense, gugul has remarkable qualities and is unique of its genre. Burned on charcoal, this resin releases a characteristically feminine scent : profound, rich and strong, quite particular and very difficult to describe.

It creates an ambiance of sovereignty - mysterious, an ambiance of incantation, magic and almost sorcery. It immediately captivates one's attention, evocative of highly charged places, as if one was in a dense forest of rare essences.

This incense is particularly used in the rituals of vajrayogini.

Origine : Inde

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