Diameter of stones : 7 mm
Complete length : 78 cm
Strung on a braid of black, red and yellow strands
Reference : CJSA07001

Brecciated Jasper Mala

Jasper, in general,
strongly connected to the earth
is the stone of taking root,
and thus diminishes the influence of the emotions.

Brecciated jasper is a rock in which certain metals and elements give a great variety of colors, and in which can be found agate as well. The beads of this mala have been selected acording to two criteria : the red of the red-orange jasper and the white translucency of the agate.

The red-orange jasper has the colour of iron oxide (rust), and is therefore connected to blood. It is prescribed in lithotherapy for certain diseases and weaknesses of the blood and circulatory system. By extension, it is associated with the heart and courage.

By the presence of the areas of white or translucent agate, the virtues of the two stones are accumulated, which gives an excellent invigorating and fortifying influence, according to lithotherapists.

These stones are natural.

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