Size : T 1/2 (GB); 10 (US)
Dimensions of dzi : 15 mm x 10 mm
Reference : BBGDZI001

Dzi Ring

Set in the center of this silver ring is a small Tibetan dzi with a single eye.

Dzi's are protective stones often used by Tibetans, which they usually where as necklaces, bracelets or, as here, in a ring. The latter is much more infrequently used.

In general, dzi's are agates, or more rarely carnelian. They can be natural, meaning their designs are due to the streaks in the agate from which they are formed.
They can also be man-made, using ancient secrets which even today we only partly understand.

Wearing a dzi protects one from accidents, and frequently it is the dzi which absorbs the shock, leaving its wearer unharmed.

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