You can pay upon ordering, either by cheque or postal order, or by credit card (through Paypal).

In case you are paying by cheque, please order your cheque to the order of STEPHAN Waël (and not Mérite et Patience) and send it to the following adress :

23120 BANIZE


At the bottom of the page of each product you want to order, click on [select] (Your browser should accept cookies while doing this)
Then, when you're done selecting the products you want, click, at the bottom of any page, on [see my selection] Begin by choosing the country of delivery, which will calculate shipping costs.
Complete then the order sheet by entering your personnal data, then select your mode of payment. When all this is done, click on "ORDER".
Your order will be sent to shipment 24 hours after we receive your payment.


Vous pouvez régler :
- soit à la commande, par chèque ou mandat postal
Dans ce cas, merci de libeller votre chèque au nom de Aline Thivolle (et non au nom de MERITE ET PATIENCE)
et de l'envoyer à l'adresse suivante :

Lascaux, 14
23120 BANIZE

- soit par carte bancaire (Paypal)
- soit à réception,
par contre-remboursement postal

Aline Thivolle, autoentrepreneur, /siret 434 542 981 00023 / franchise de TVA (code 293B du code des impôts).
  La franchise permet de facturer HT et ainsi de faire bénéficier d'un avantage de 19,6% sur les prix
MERITE ET PATIENCE est déclarée auprès de la CNIL sous le n° 1138862

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Mérite & Patience - From precious ritual objects to decorations, we offer a line of products which we add to, little by little. Our products are made in an atmosphere of Buddhist practice and contemplation, and we hope they reflect this. Our business was created to support the needs of our family in an honest way as well as to inspire others. We give particular attention to quality: from the materials used to the standards of prodution. All the materials used are clearly indicated as either being treated (tinted) or natural. We deal only with honest, trusted suppliers and always work with respect for Nature.