Mérite et Patience is an offering

The name of the site itself indicates the meaning of an offering.

Mérite is "Seunam" in Tibetan, and is the name of my teacher, and praise to her is found in the preceding text. Patience is my proper name of refuge.

Mérite & Patience would like to be an offering of understanding, love, practice, effort and of all that is beautiful and precious, offered to my spirtual master.

Her principal wish for me, which is that I liberate myself, by the practice of meditation and yoga, I am trying to fulfill it by creating, by all means available, a situation of practice in real life, in the city, with a familly life and a child we try to educate at best.

In this way, I proceed to my own wellness and that of those around me.

We humbly wish that this site will serve as a modest example. May it inspire you !!!

Tenryu, the bearded craftsman of Mérite et Patience

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Mérite & Patience - From precious ritual objects to decorations, we offer a line of products which we add to, little by little. Our products are made in an atmosphere of Buddhist practice and contemplation, and we hope they reflect this. Our business was created to support the needs of our family in an honest way as well as to inspire others. We give particular attention to quality: from the materials used to the standards of prodution. All the materials used are clearly indicated as either being treated (tinted) or natural. We deal only with honest, trusted suppliers and always work with respect for Nature.