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Old Single-Eyed Dzi

Length : 1,55 cm
Diameter (at the center) : 1,2 cm

Reference : DZIV001

This Dzi is a single-eyed Dzi, and has the perfect diamension and shape to fit à the top of a mala.

Single-eyed Dzis are said to promote security and to attract auspicious signs.
The unique eye powerfully wards off the obstacles, and frees its owner from fears and worry. Wisdom can then replace them, bringing happiness in one’s life.
Single-eyed Dzis are protectors “par excellence” and are the symbol of a luminous and happy life, full of hope.

The triangle represents a mountain, sign of stability, solidity and tranquility, which enhance the qualities quoted above. (By ignorance, at the time, we took the picture of the triangle up side down, meaning the point down, while the point must be up).

This Dzi is old, by opposition to “ancient”, it means it has between 30 to 50 years.

You can buy this Dzi, and make your own necklace, or mount it yourself on the top of your mala, or you can ask us to make it into a necklace for you, with or without other stones, we can also mount it at the top of a mala for you, with the beads of your choice.
Old Single-Eyed Dzi :: ARCHIVES
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