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Pink Coral Mala with Silver and Gold



Diameter of perls : 6 to 6,5 mm
Complete length : 67 cm
Strung on a braid of red and white filaments

Reference : OCOR602

Coral is a marine organism, actually a symbiosis of microscopic animals (polyps) and algaes (zooxanteles). The colony is formed by constructing a skeleton at a speed which varies according to the species, sometimes very slowly.

Only certain species fournish a useable material. The color varies and is most often soft rose to deep red, containing more or less brown, and can sometimes, very rarely, approach black.

Coral is among the five sacred stones of Tibetans and American Indians. It represents the energy of the vital force, and is linked to the red tiglé.

While red coral is associated with Amitayus, pink coral is associated with Pandara, the consort of Amitayus, or his yum.

In pratices where the deity is in union with his consort,###œ we do not only connect to the wisdom aspect, but also to the elemental aspect, concrete, and the consort represents this aspect. Here the pink coral represents the essence of long life and of vitality that we find outside our senses, to which we connect with an unbiased openess to the outer world.
In the pratice, this aspect must unite with the aspect of interior wisdom, and the fruition of this union is a realization of enlightenment.

Pink coral has a direct influence over the heart in case of intense emotion or in case of conflictual emotions, the pink parts representing a sense of decency and the white ones a sense of modesty. Stone of the subconscious, corail is a precious help for meditation and visualisation.

The perls of this mala are in genuine and authentic coral, all of them are 100% natural, not tinted. They have been sorted and selected for their softness as well as for their intensity, and it is surprising to see how intense softness can be.

Pink Coral Mala with Silver and Gold :: ARCHIVES
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