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Tibetan Incense

Packs of 14 sticks of 20 centimeters

Reference : ECHOF

Chodpa incenses are the best one can find of incenses made in India by the Tibetan community.
Lama Popa Tulku, a specialist in incense, supervises the harvesting and fabrication, to insure they contain only the best and finest quality ingredients - 100% natural, vegetable or mineral. The differing proportions, as well as the specific ingredients, rend different versions of the same incense.

This is the Floral version. It is very finely scented and can be used for meditation, Puja or prayers. Used in your daily life, it has the same effect as a flower for your eyes.

The principal ingredients used (in descending order of importance) are: Saffron, Rose, precious substances, Inula Racemosa, Large Cardamom, Cardamom, Gugul, Nutmeg, Camphor, Cinnamon, etc...

Each stick burns slowly and regularly for about 80 minutes, assuring a perfect difffusion of scent.

Here is the text printed on the package:

"Natural tibetan incense

This incense is hand prepared traditionally according to the instructions of ancient Tibetan manuscripts. It is made from 31 medicinal herbs
and other precious substances that lend the incense a blissful touch. The gathering of the ingredients has caused no ecological damage.

Use the incense to relax and invigorate your mind at the same time as purifying your environment. The wrapping paper is also hand made by a
Tibetan community in northern India and hand printed in Tashi Jong.

Procceds from the sale of this incense will be channeled towards supporting the philantropic and Dharma activities of Tulku Popa Rabjam."
Tibetan Incense :: ARCHIVES
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